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UncategorizedThe importance of skin care routine

The importance of skin care routine

Beautiful, clean, smooth, soft skin is a dream of any girl. No one wants to struggle with acne, various rashes, because it is not so easy to get rid of them. To avoid the appearance of cosmetic imperfections, it is recommended to provide a full-fledged skin care on a daily basis. To organize it, it is necessary to have special care products.

What should be included in the daily care?

Proper skin care consists of four steps:

  1. Cleansing is an indispensable step that cannot be ignored. Cleansers remove all impurities, sebum, dust and perspiration. The product should be chosen individually, based on your skin type. If it is difficult to determine it, you can first choose a universal cleanser. It should foam well; cleanse gently and not leave a sticky feeling. It can be soap, gel or foam, but it should not be foamed on the face, but first be applied on the hands, whipped and then put it on the face.
  2. Toning helps to normalize the acid-alkaline balance of the skin, restore the hydro-lipid barrier of the dermis and neutralize residual cleansers. This step involves the use of a toner, which is reasonable to do after each contact with water. The pH balance itself is renewed for about two hours.
  3. Care. Here you should hydrate, nourish and regenerate your skin. Dermal care products moisturize and fill the dermis with missing elements. Many products are designed to solve a specific problem. A cream is usually used. But since each skin type has a different problem, it requires a specific cosmetic product aimed at hydration and nourishment. Products with unsaturated fats and amino acids are suitable for dry skin, while oily skin needs products in the form of light emulsions, gels and fluids, and products containing plant extracts, hyaluronic acid and vitamins are ideal for combination skin.
  4. Protection means that it is worth protecting your skin from the sun. Our dermis is exposed to dangerous ultraviolet rays, which is one of the main reasons for premature skin aging. It is necessary to apply an SPF factor product especially in regions with lots of sun exposure during the day, particularly if the skin is predisposed to pigmentation or has undergone specific procedures. It’s important to renew your cream every two hours and every time after you’ve bathed.

You should not ignore any step, but carefully maintain a healthy state of the dermis, no matter what the weather, time of year, day or night. By following the sequence of care, you will be able to keep your skin healthy and in good condition. The skin care routine should take place twice a day: after you get up and before you go to bed. The other procedures will depend on the specific needs and condition of your skin.

Care rules

You should know that the face skin is thin and more susceptible to the influence of the external environment. The condition of the epidermis can be affected by various factors. This and improper diet, various diseases, taking medications, stress. Fatigue, laziness and lack of time should not get in the way of beauty and care. Makeup should always be washed off, and basic and additional care products should be regularly applied on the skin. If you need peels and masks, do not forget to do them.

The application of products should also be done correctly, namely along the massage lines. This helps the product to absorb better and faster, to avoid stretching the dermis, which can occur as a result of improper movement of the fingers.

You should follow a certain sequence of care products use in the morning and in the evening. For example, the first step in the morning is cleansing, then toning, special and then day care, and the final step is sun protection. In the evening, it is cleansing, toning, special and night care.

What products should be used?

Proper skin care requires not only following all the steps but also using products that are safe and of good quality. When choosing the right products, it is necessary to be guided by the information on the package, which type of skin the product is designed for. Manufacturers are trying to create cosmetics specifically to meet the needs of a particular skin type.

When choosing facial care products at home, it is recommended to pay attention to the composition of the product you are interested in. Each component plays a specific role: for example, some ingredients are responsible for the texture of the formula, while others allow the product to manifest its caring properties. It’s good if the composition contains glycerin, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid.

Of course, it is difficult to properly care for your face at home without the help of properly selected cosmetics. But if you choose them, there will be no problems. We can help you by offering quality and tested products. Our products do not contain parabens and fragrances, they contain natural and organic ingredients that support the skin’s protective functions.

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