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PostsWhat is clean beauty and how AQUABIO Cosmetics commits to it?

What is clean beauty and how AQUABIO Cosmetics commits to it?

With more and more people waking up about the importance of self-care, one trend has risen above all, and for good reason! Clean beauty, as it is referred to by the media, is the concept encompassing beauty products that do not use any harmful chemicals.

This growing trend has gained a ton of momentum simply due to its importance. The general cosmetic industry now is called out to prohibit the usage of harmful chemicals in products. And on top of all that, our modern-day lifestyle has been proven to be destructive for our health and our skin in the long run. The number of processed foods we are fed, the inevitable pollution we are exposed to, the constant stress-inducing events of the modern-day workplace and even home, all of these and more have been a concoction for disturbed and dull skin. This movement gave birth to the much-needed clean beauty industry to protect consumers from the detrimental effects of toxic chemicals. Clean beauty brands have been everyone’s go-to for cosmetic products in recent years. Consumers have realized the need to opt for better, healthier, and more conscious choices, and they have not looked back since!

AQUABIO Cosmetics, a revolutionary introduction to clean beauty

After carefully observing the industry for many years and doing our due diligence with research on ethical and natural ingredient sourcing, we are ready to introduce our revolutionary products to the market. We introduce to you AQUABIO Cosmetics; our new and upcoming products are set to take the market by storm!

AQUABIO Cosmetics is an eco-friendly brand that has made it its utmost mission to offer products that are as natural, organic, healthy, and as sustainable as possible from every feasible aspect! We can be trusted as we subscribe to the ideology of full transparency. This is evident with the fact that all our ingredient resourcing methods and packaging details are public.

Each our product is made with at least 95% of completely natural ingredients. All our practices and ingredients follow official European standards and have a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Our products are also PETA-certified as they are all vegan (not made with animal products) and cruelty-free (not tested on animals). Every detail, even down to the packaging, is sustainable and recyclable. In fact, the packaging is kept to a minimum to avoid waste and to maintain a low-waste status. The unique trait found in our packaged products, the exquisite touch of wood, comes from responsibly managed forests. This hopes to put our valuable customers’ minds at ease. 

Our premium quality products

The tremendous effort each and every one of us in the AQUABIO Cosmetics team puts into every aspect of checking manufacturing and packaging our products and making sure that they are as organic and safe as can be, can only be driven by a pure passion and love for all things clean beauty related.

Our current line of products focuses on the essentials that every one of us needs in our daily skincare routine. These products range from a deep layer detoxifying foam cleanser to natural delicate facial toner that is infused with organic berries and rice protein that replenish the skin with antioxidants. Honorable mentions include natural deep moisturizing cream that gets its unique texture with the heavenly Aloe Vera and Shea butter combination. Also, our must-try hand cream will hug every crevice of your hand and vitalize your nails and smoothen your skin with fresh citrus flavor.

We are able to maintain such a high level of natural ingredients in our products due to the fact that we consistently aim to source these ingredients locally in its very origin. Splendid location by the Mediterranean means that a great variety of nature’s wonderful gifts are at our fingertips.

At the end of the day, our aim is to provide our valued customers with ethical, environmentally friendly, cruelty-free, pure, green, and wholesome clean beauty cosmetic products. Therefore we remain true to our words and rely on full transparency and commitment to our values. So let us all do ourselves, our skin and the environment a favor and use clean beauty AQUABIO Cosmetics.

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